City To Investigate Apartment Complex Complaints


Investigators from the city of Columbus say they will inspect a west side apartment complex Tuesday after 10TV questioned complaints from neighbors going unanswered.

Residents at the Clar Mound Vista Apartments told 10TV anchor Kristyn Hartman their apartments are riddled with issues including  bugs and major plumbing problems.

In one, apartment water makes its way from the faucet to the sink and into a catch bucket below.. 

In another unit on the property a woman showed us roaches crawling out of the closet.  She said her unit also does not have hot water.

Neighbor Yolanda Carreker has no working oven and faucets she has to turn with pliers. 

"You call for them to fix something," said Carreker.  "They say 'We'll get somebody out there as soon as possible.'  As soon as possible never comes.  We're like, 'dang. Why am I paying rent if you all never fix nothing?'"

Carreker said she and her mom moved in back in 2011.

She says after signing a long term lease, they filled out a "fix-it form" and the pattern of inaction began.

They eventually went month to month. Then, in April or May, they stopped paying rent because nothing was being fixed.

Joan Coughlin of the Better Business Bureau says the BBB just issued an alert about the Clar Mound Vista Apartments because of a filing regarding the property in bankruptcy court.

10TV obtained that paperwork.  We tried to find Ehab Eskander, the man the documents name as "the sole member" of the LLC.   A listed management address was a UPS store.
When we went to his home, someone inside said he wasn't there, then closed the door.
Eskander spoke with Hartman on the phone Monday, saying he's the resident agent, not the property owner. 

He  would not comment on property work, or what is happening in bankruptcy court.

A city official said her people couldn't reach anyone from Clar Mound Monday.

She described contact as having gone "radio silent."

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