City of Hilliard, CrimeTracker 10 Partner To Make Crime-Awareness Videos

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Hilliard is getting a fresh makeover on how participants are learning to fight back.

CrimeTracker10 helped the Hilliard Police Department re-shoot six different scenarios of crime situations that are very common.

Officer Hyda Sloan said the clips help people learn to spot the dangers before they are forced to deploy self-defensive tactics.

“So, if we take their mind there and get them to focus on, ‘well if this happened,’ they’re able to come up with better solutions,” Sloan said.

The scenes show scenarios such as door-to-door solicitors, drive-by purse snatching and what a woman should do if she finds herself in an uncomfortable situation walking out of an elevator.

The videos are meant to stir a conversation about people keeping themselves safe and not becoming a target.

Sloan said a new self-defense class will train the eye to notice the obvious, like a hand pushing away a door or a man who asks to use a person’s cell phone and has a gun behind him.

“If someone needs help, just tell them you’re going to call 911 for them,” Sloan said. “You don’t have to open the door for anyone.”

Police said they hope these videos raise more awareness, so women won’t ever have to use self-defense tactics as a last resort.

Hilliard has a new self-defense class beginning on Wednesday, too.

Westerville will have a new class begin Saturday and New Albany, Ohio State and Upper Arlington all have new classes starting in September.

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