City of Columbus Narcan training potentially a life-saving lesson


It is a potentially life-saving lesson Nikki Ewing says could help her, help those impacted by the nation’s opiate epidemic.

“You know our area needs cleaned up and this is part of it,” Ewing said.

More than a dozen central Ohioans took part in the demonstration on how to administer the anti- overdose drug Narcan. The event, held at the Westgate Community Center, was organized by the city of Columbus.

“It really has been a crisis in the community and we need to help save lives,” Director of strategic nursing Jane Dickinson said.

The Narcan demonstration is part of a larger, week-long project designed to shed light on the epidemic.

The Franklin County Coroner Recently released preliminary overdose death statistics for the first half of 2017.

From January 1 to June 30 there were 268 overdose deaths in Franklin County, according to the report. The overdose deaths in 2017 mark an 88 percent increase from the same time frame in 2016 where there were 143 deaths.

For Nikki, this lesson is also personal.

It’s been six years since she stopped abusing prescription pain pills and says the latest statistics don’t come as a surprise.

“Within a year a had nine friends that passed including my daughter's father.”

She says she’s hopeful she can now play a small role in saving lives with the hopes that others will make the decision to change their lives.

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