Citizen Patrols Watch Campus-Area While OSU Students On Break

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Most Ohio State students are away from campus and enjoying a holiday break with their families, but that can leave opportunity for crime.

Students Chad Kinshaw and Alex Stechschulte are still in Columbus and walking the streets near campus.

They are members of the Community Crime Patrol, which is an extra set of eyes and ears for the Columbus Police Department.

CCP is a civilian crime watch force that stays in constant radio contact with Columbus Police.

And while most of their fellow students are away, Kinshaw and Stechschulte are working a special patrol aimed at protecting their belongings.

“The kids are away, they're on Christmas break. somebody's got to try to watch their stuff, and that's what we're here today,” said Kevin Widmer.

Widmer, Community Crime Patrol Assistant Director, said these special patrols are focusing on the off-campus area South of Hudson, North of 5th Avenue.

They're on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

“Most people have a point A to point B, especially in this weather when it's cold. Get to where I’m going. It's the people that are milling about, generally speaking, that are up to no good. So we just kind of keep a distance and watch it and let CPD officers in the area know,” said Widmer.

He said history tells them, while students may take a holiday, crime does not.

“We got eyes and ears and we got people out there that are watching you,” added Widmer.

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