Circleville Woman Who Collapsed In Fight Died From Aneurysm

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Emily Harvey proudly wears her pink shirt that reads “Justice for Brittany.”
It's in memory of her 21-year old daughter Birttany Jeffers.

Jeffers died after she was involved in a fight just a few feet from her home in March.

No one was convicted in her daughter's death. A newly released coroner report said she died from a brain aneurism.
'I don't believe it for one bit, that it was an aneurism. I believe it was trauma to the head that's what killed her, and I still believe that they murdered my daughter," said Harvey
Despite eyewitness accounts that claimed Jeffers was kicked in her in the head during the fight, police say there was no trauma to her skull.
"She didn't have any head trauma, she has scrapes on her hands her knees her back but nothing on her head," said Chief Wayne Gray of the Circleville Police Department.
Police say evidence in the case didn't rise to charging anyone in hear death.
"It's still ruled a homicide because of the events that occurred when the death occurred. That's why we kept telling everybody that we need to wait on the science we don't want to send someone to jail who didn't do something," said Chief Gray.
That doesn't sit well with Brittany's mother who says five months after the fight, she still dreams her daughter will walk through her front door.
"I just think she's going to come home with her two kids, and I know that's not going to happen.”