Circleville Probation Officer Resigns Over Questions About Prisoners He Oversaw


A Circleville probation officer has resigned amid a county investigation.

Records obtained by 10TV show the officer allegedly carried on inappropriate relationships with the family and friends of the prisoners he oversaw.

The officer worked for the Circleville courts for nearly six years. The county hired an investigative firm in November.

According to a witness statement made by the girlfriend of one of the prisoners, she says she felt pressured to have sex with the officer while her boyfriend was in jail.

In the statement, she said, "I wasn't sure what he would do to him (her boyfriend) if I said no."

That prisoner also gave a statement saying the officer let him get away with five to six drug screens. He thinks because of the relationship the officer was having with his girlfriend.  

The officer is also accused of inappropriate texting and activities with other girlfriends of offenders.

10TV is not naming the officer because he is not charged.

The documents say the officer spoke with the investigating team with the agreement his statements would not be used in a criminal investigation against him.

When we questioned the officer’s boss about these allegations, Judge Gary Dumm told 10TV that he had no comment.