Circleville Leaders Push To Tear Down Vacant Homes

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They're a haven for crime according to the city of Circleville

However, they're slowly becoming history.

"Bad things happen when you have abandoned homes and nobody (is) there," says Circleville resident Martha Thurman.

Thurman says for the last two years she has lived across the street from a vacant home on Logan Street .

"Not too happy, but you have to live where you can live," Thurman told 10TV.

"Not only are they an eye sore, they're a safety issue. We found some of these were housing some meth labs," says Circleville Mayor Don McIlroy

That’s why Circleville's mayor says he lobbied the Pickaway County Commissioners to get money last year to begin tearing down the vacant homes.

Last March, the city was awarded about $277,000 and slowly began the demolition. However, the city did have some requirements.

"They had to be blighted, could not be brought up to code and they had to be vacant, and it had to be a residence," says Circleville's Grant Administrator Sharon Schall.

So far, 41 homes have been demolished in Pickaway county

"We have seen the homeowners on either side of these properties taking more interest in their properties. They're cleaning them up," says McIlroy said.

The mayor says he wants to demolish another 35 homes. He says he'll be lobbying the state Attorney General for more money.

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