Churchgoers Search For Hope After Shootings


Disbelief and shock over Friday's shootings was freshened again on Sunday as residents released raw emotions at one church service.

One police officer appeared visibly shaken while standing outside St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church. Inside, it was standing room only.

The healing process was not coming easily to residents.

"Everybody was sobbing. Everybody was praying fervently. We were all hoping. We were all hoping to get through this," Terry Polvay said.

Polvay is an administrator for Reed Intermediate School District. He said he felt a connection to other educators and the children who were lost.

"Aren't we all connected? All across the nation, we're all connected. One person's death diminishes everybody. How could we not be affected by it?" Polvay asked.

Church officials said the would bury six young parishioners in the coming days.

Danielle Lash said she and her husband had decided to send their children to parochial school this year instead of returning them to Sandy Hook Elementary.

"You never know. It could have been St. Rose. But we feel very lucky we made that decision. But then there's that guilt. Why us? Why was my school spared?" Lash asked.

"This is just very difficult. They are telling us there will be hope. It's hard for us to believe that now," Lash said.