Church Leaders Canceling Services Following Snow, Bitter Cold


Religious services have fallen victim to the snow and bitter cold.  Dozens of churches have canceled their services for Sunday.

A number of pastors tell 10TV it was a tough decision to make, but especially for the churches in the rural areas, where the snowfall was heavier and winds are stronger, they ultimately chose to close.

“We're a church. We love Sundays. We love to worship and fellowship and we don't like to lose our worship services, but I think the most essential part of our Christian faith is to look out after each other like our shepherd looks out after us. We're concerned about people's safety,” said St. John’s United Church of Christ Pastor Mark Katrick.

Pastor Katrick said he was concerned enough about the snow and bitter cold, to cancel services at his Licking County church.

“We'll just worship in our homes the way the early Christians did,” said Pastor Katrick.

He says it is the first time in a while they've decided to shut their doors on a Sunday, but he says he couldn't even open them even if he tried.  

He points to the snow that is piled high.  “That's probably the biggest drift in the whole parking lot and it's almost up to the top of those windows,” said Pastor Katrick.

With so much snow, it makes driving tough and walking even harder.  He says a parishioner normally plows, but hasn't yet started, knowing the wind would push the powder around.

“That's probably a sign from God, don't you think?,” said Pastor Katrick.

Nearly an hour west, on the north side of Columbus, where the snowfall was much lighter, an evening church service went on without a hitch.

“It's my energy for the week, it keeps me grounded, it keeps me focused,” said Meadow Park Church of God member, Julie Quackenbush.

Quackenbush says the weather wouldn't hold her back.  “If the opportunity's there, I'm going to be there. Find a way to get here.”

With bible in hand, she embraced the opportunity to pray at church, while others will have to at home.

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