‘Chop Shop’ Investigation Underway In West Columbus

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A local mechanics shop is out of business after investigators claimed it was operating as a "chop shop."

Investigators were on the scene all day on McKinley Avenue in West Columbus.

Authorities say the business was taking stolen cars, dissembling them, and selling the parts.

Sources tell 10TV it was a place where people would come to sell stolen vehicles which would be chopped for parts and placed on other cars.

For most of the day, state investigators from the BCI and a group from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (which specialize in insurance fraud) cleaned out the shop of its parts and hauled them away.

They included everything from bumpers to side panels to truck cabs.

The landlord tells 10TV that the owner of the business moved in three weeks ago. He says he was under the impression it was diesel engine repair shop.

The man told 10TV that he was shocked to learn something criminal was taking place.

Neighboring business owners say they never saw anything out of the ordinary.