Chillicothe Police Refuse Violence Report By Man Who Claims Excessive Force

FBI Investigating Chillicothe Police For Conduct Concerns
Chillicothe Police Refuse Violence Report By Man Who Claims Excessive Force

Matthew Mitchell came to the Chillicothe Police Department with a black eye and a plan to report it.

"I'm here to file a police report," Mitchell said as he walked in to the Chillicothe Police Department.

Mitchell and his attorney, Bret Adams, wanted to lodge a criminal complaint about the conduct of a Chillicothe police officer.

Police video from last month captured that conduct.

It shows what happened when the officer took Mitchell to jail on charges related to being drunk in public. While Mitchell was handcuffed, the officer slammed him to the ground.

Mitchell went to the hospital and says he suffered a concussion. The officer says the force was needed for protection, but Mitchell says it was pay back.

"I was mouthy to that cop in the back of the cruiser. And he realized when I got there to the station that, hey, I going to get my revenge on him. And that's when he slammed me," Mitchell said.

Mitchell has already filed an internal affairs complaint, so today the department refused to take another one. Within a few minutes of walking in, Mitchell and Adams were walking out.

"He said it created too much paperwork for him because there is already a report on file," Adams said.

"I don't see how they could flat out tell me 'no' because that provides too much paperwork," Mitchell asked a reporter. "That's, that's ridiculous. There's no reason for that. Just for him to sign a couple of pieces of paper. There is no reason for that. Oh well, I wanted my statement to be done. I wanted to be heard."

A spokesman for the Chillicothe police says another report would be useless.

"There is no reason to do another report with the same exact statement of facts," said Officer Bud Lytle.