Chillicothe Police Hunting For Woman Who Snatched Purses From Elderly Victims


A purse thief is on the loose in Chillicothe, accused of ripping off elderly suspects before they ever knew what happened.

Chillicothe police say two elderly women were both ambushed by the thief. Now, officers want to track down the crook before she strikes again.

Police say both of the victims are in their 80s and were using a handicap electronic shopping cart with purses in the basket at the time of the robberies.

One of the victims - Wilma - has asked 10TV not to use her last name. She says she went to Wal-Mart Tuesday afternoon to buy food for her cat, Buddy. "I had to really look to see (that) I got the kind he liked. Then, I looked down and my purse was gone,” Wilma recalls.

Surveillance video obtained by 10TV shows the suspect wearing a Cincinnati Bengals jersey, one aisle over. In seconds, the woman has the purse in her hands and is making a run for the door.

Wilma says she didn't even know what happened.

"Honestly, I thought about getting the next cart and I thought did I put my purse in that next cart and then I thought, ‘no, I did not.’”

Chillicothe police say the woman in the video targeted another victim in her 80s at another grocery store the same day. Surveillance cameras captured the suspect fleeing the parking lot in a four-door silver Pontiac Grand Am.

Wilma says she will feel better when the thief is captured, and says it's a shame she can't feel safe going shopping. She says she had to replace her license and cancel all of her cards as a result of the crime.

If you recognize the woman in the video, you're asked to call the Chillicothe police at 740 773-1191.