Chillicothe Police Chief Told 911 Dispatcher To ‘Disregard’ Call For Help


New information surfaced on Friday about an investigation into the Chillicothe Chief of Police.

Chillicothe’s Equal Employment Opportunity Director called 911, saying she felt threatened by the Chief of Police.

Now, 10TV has learned that the chief ordered his officers to disregard her call for help.
Chillicothe EEO Director Tamra Lowe called 911 around 10:15 Thursday morning.

She said Police Chief Roger Moore was in her office.

"I've asked him to leave my office three times,” she told the 911 operator. “He's refusing to leave my office. I feel very threatened and intimidated. I'm asking you to please send someone."

Just after that, Moore made a radio call of his own.

 “Have you received a call from Tamra Lowe?” the chief asked.

“Affirmative,” the dispatcher responded.                   

“Sir, disregard,” said the chief.

In a written statement to Mayor Jack Everson about the incident, Lowe stated that Moore entered her office uninvited and began to close her door.

"Based on my personal past experiences of Moore's aggressive hostile behavior...I asked him to open my door. He continued closing the door and refused to open it,” she wrote.

She continues: "I asked him to leave my office. He refused, saying he had an EEO issue and questioned in a mocking tone "aren't you EEO?"’

She says Moore sat down and told her to stop discussing his relationship with his girlfriend.

Lowe writes that she told the chief she would not talk with him alone without the Mayor being present.

In all, she says she asked him to leave at least four times, and he refused.

She says she tried to call the Mayor's Office, but got no answer, and that's when she called 911.

Thursday Moore told 10TV he couldn't discuss the incident.

"I've done nothing but do my job and serve the citizens of this community," he said.

The Mayor says it could have been handled without calling police.

"It was a discussion that just went sour and got blown out of proportion actually. But we'll deal with the facts and make a determination,” he said.

Lowe disagreed.

"I no longer feel safe at work and even question whether I am safe in this city based upon Moore's behavior and his order for law enforcement to disregard my cries for assistance,” she wrote.

The Ross County Sheriff and Prosecutor both said that this is a city issue that they are not involved in.

As for whether it's a police matter or something to be handled administratively, the Mayor says he doesn't have all of the facts yet and has not decided.

Tamra Lowe declined comment.

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