Chillicothe Police Chief Suspended By Mayor

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On Monday, it was confirmed that Chillicothe Mayor Jack Everson suspended Police Chief Roger Moore with pay.  However, no one has been given an official answer on why Moore was suspended, and that’s meant frustration for many city officials.

While the move came as news to Councilman Dustin Proehl, it's not really a surprise.  "I think the citizens of Chillicothe know that there are some problems right now, some leadership challenges that we are facing,” Proehl explains.

10 Investigates learned about the situation before council members got the news. It was discovered that on Friday, Mayor Everson took Moore off the job.

10TV obtained an email in which the mayor stated Moore is on paid administrative leave and is to have no contact with the Police Department.

Councilman Proehl says he doesn’t have any details on why Moore was suspended, and nobody at the police department is answering questions either.

It’s not the first time controversy has swirled around the department and its chief.

Last week, 10 Investigates revealed the FBI is probing the department for an altercation involving a handcuffed inmate in April

In addition, Chief Moore made news when he allegedly barged into a woman's office, harassed her and then told officers to ignore her 911 call for help.

Whatever the reason for Moore's problems now, Proehl says the latest controversy is disappointing and hurts many respected police officers.  “When anything like this happens regardless of whether it's the chief or anyone else, it does cast a bad light on a light of good people."

Councilmember Alicia Gray says she is also frustrated and the problems have gone on for too long.  “The frustration comes from the inability of the administration to be accountable with respect to reining in the actions and behavior of the police chief.”

The chief is expected to have a hearing about the matter, but the date has not been determined.  10TV has been told it will occur after the mayor has returned from a pre-planned trip