Chillicothe Police Chief Plans To Fight Firing

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Roger Moore is no longer Chillicothe's police chief.

Mayor Jack Everson confirmed Moore's firing Friday afternoon.

Moore had been on paid administrative leave since July 25th.

He defended himself against eight accusations from the city at a pre-disciplinary hearing this past week, but an arbitrator released a report Thursday saying that the city had grounds for discipline.

Moore told 10TV over the phone that he was served termination papers on Friday and that he did not expect to be fired.

"I don't know how all of this has come to a head," he said. "We have talked about all of these incidences. To the best of my knowledge, they were dealt with."

The move comes after Moore was involved in a long line of controversies while on the job. In fact, he has already served several suspensions.

- 10 Investigates reported earlier this year that the FBI is probing the department for an altercation involving a handcuffed inmate in April.
- Moore made news when he allegedly barged into a woman's office, harassed her and then told officers to ignore her 911 call for help. 
- Those incidents came after Moore was caught on cell phone video arguing with a patron outside of a bar. At the time, the chief said he had been provoked.
- Days later, there was video of Moore arguing with a State Trooper who had stopped him for speeding.

Mayor Everson recently told Moore that he had to rewrite apology letters to local officials because the first versions were not acceptable.

Everson tells 10TV that Moore's defiance in regards to the apologies factored into his firing.

Moore calls himself a good officer and an honest man who takes his oath very personally.

"My job is to protect the citizens and property in Chillicothe and I thought I was upholding my oath and legal obligation and my statutory duties," he said.

Councilmember Alicia Gray told 10TV earlier this year that she was frustrated with the problems.

"The frustration comes from the inability of the administration to be accountable with respect to reining in the actions and behavior of the police chief," she said.

Recent emails uncovered by 10 Investigates show that Moore angered multiple community leaders.

Ross County Sheriff George Lavender wrote a letter to the mayor, saying: "I have put forth a good faith effort ... to establish a good working relationship with the Chief of Police, but have been unsuccessful."

Moore tells 10TV he plans to appeal the firing.

"I'm just really devastated that it has come to this," he said. "I thought I was looking at a one-day suspension. I'm pretty confident with my attorneys, and I'll leave it with the system to decide right or wrong I guess."

Mayor Everson says he expected Moore to appeal the firing and that the city will go through with the appeals process.

Everson says civil service testing will determine who the new chief will be.