Chillicothe Police Chief Finds Himself In Another Public Controversy

Chillicothe Police Chief Finds Himself In Another Public Controversy

Chillicothe Police Chief Finds Himself In Another Public Controversy


Chillicothe's Mayor is once again investigating a complaint against Chief Roger Moore.

This latest incident was caught on camera.

You've heard of Chillicothe Police Chief Roger Moore before.

Last March, cell phone video surfaced of Moore arguing with a patron outside a bar.

The chief said he had been provoked.

Days later, there was video of Moore arguing with a State Trooper who'd stopped him for speeding.

"Slow down Chief!,” said the Trooper.
“I'm the chief!” Moore responded.
“But you're not running lights and sirens,” said the Trooper.
“I don't got to...I'm the chief!" Moore replied.

And then in August, there was a 911 call from a fellow city employee.

"He's refusing to leave my office,” said Chillicothe EEO Director Tamra Lowe. “I feel very threatened and intimidated."

Monday, Moore was caught on security camera expressing his anger at the outcome of a case in Chillicothe Municipal Court.

"He talked to the judge about his displeasure and may have thrown something on his way out of the courtroom,” said Chillicothe Law Director Sherri Rutherford.

She says the item he threw was a case file.

Asked to characterize Moore’s actions, she said, “I would prefer not to."

She says her Assistant Law Director was in the courtroom, and was the target of Moore's frustration.

"She's a younger prosecutor and I think was maybe intimidated,” said Rutherford. "She was upset about it."

"I'm not a complacent Chief,” Moore told 10tv. “I'm not a Chief that's going to sit back on my hands when I see there's an injustice going on."

Moore says he was angered by the outcome of a case involving a repeat public nuisance offender, Michael Colvin.

Colvin pleaded guilty to a charge related to junk cars on his street, and walked away without even a fine.

"I think I need to stand up for the citizens of Chillicothe who called me to complain about Mr. Colvin all these years, the 274 reports we've taken. And to express my disgust with how the judicial system handled that situation."

When asked about his history of public disputes and to respond to those who might view this as more bad behavior from a hotheaded Chief of Police, Moore answered, “Well here are some people who will say that. I have people that don't like me.  I hope the citizens of Chillicothe understand what's happened in the past is the past. I'm not a hothead, I'm a leader."

10TV did speak with Mayor Jack Everson off-camera.

He says he's investigating but hasn't seen the video and couldn't comment on it.

After the controversy last fall, he put the Chief on notice he wouldn't tolerate any further incidents that would put the city in a bad light.