Chillicothe Neighborhood Hit By Spray Painting Vandals


The images are an unwelcome sight for residents on the east side of Chillicothe.

They included graphic words and images painted on at least a dozen garages in the alleys behind E. 2nd and Water Streets.

“You hate when things like this happen, especially in the abundance of one area,” said Officer Bud Lytle, Chillicothe Police.

Residents said that cars were also spray painted in the neighborhood, including one that was parked under a carport.

“It made her pretty mad, she drives it every day, and then she was two hours late for work because my son had to come clean it off,” said resident Tracy Tackett.

The vandals call themselves the ‘505 Boys’ and police said they could be as young as 10-years-old. They have wreaked havoc in the neighborhood for months.

In August, 10TV reported on car and home damage done with a pellet gun by someone in the neighborhood. Authorities believe it was the same group.

“It's happening late at when people are sleeping. We really don't have witnesses, descriptions that have been able to pinpoint suspects,” added Lytle.

"It's aggravating, but what are you going to do? Somebody's got to catch them,” added Tackett.

Police are asking residents to be extra vigilant, especially at night.

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