Chillicothe Chief Under Investigation Was Stopped By Troopers Earlier In March

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Chillicothe police Chief Roger Moore is under a mayoral investigation for an incident at a local bar this past weekend.

Now, the Ohio Highway Patrol has released video of a previous incident where Moore was stopped and appeared to try and talk his way out of it.

Dashcam video from the OHP shows a trooper asking the chief to slow down after he was pulled over earlier this month.

“I don’t got to – I’m the chief,” replies Moore.

The trooper tells Moore that he is asking for “a little mutual respect.”

City officials said Moore was in an undercover vehicle on his way to a non-emergency call.

The latest video comes just three days after the off-duty Moore had an argument with another customer at the Cozy Inn on Western Avenue.

That incident has sparked a mayoral investigation.

The city has confirmed that it is Moore who can be heard in dark cell phone video provided to 10TV by a witness.

"Don't you ever, ever touch me...Don't you ever put your hands on me again… If you ever put your hands on me again, I don't give a (expletive), I will (expletive) you up right here,” said Moore.

Mayor Jack Everson said he's disappointed at the language used.

He said he does not expect that kind of language out of a department head like a police chief.

But he says the confrontation was verbal, not physical, and people should not rush to judgment.

The mayor now says there is evidence that the bar confrontation may have been a setup to make the chief look bad.

The mayor plans to conclude his investigation by the end of the week, but said he still may bring in an independent law enforcement agency to investigate the matter further.

Everson also says there needs to be administrative coaching and work done to repair relationships in the law enforcement community to meet the common goal of fighting crime.

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