Children Survive Cedarville Tornado By Hiding In Basement

Damage Reported In Around Central Ohio As Suspected Tornadoes Touch Down
Children Survive Cedarville Tornado By Hiding In Basement

The National Weather Service will inspect damage caused by a tornado in Cedarville.

A tornado swept through farm fields and demolished homes and farm buildings Wednesday around 6:00 p.m.

"The tornado itself looked like it was a football field width," said Cedarville Police Chief Chris Gillaugh.

Seven people, including three children, took cover in a basement.

"It was picking up debris. You could see when it was just hitting telephone poles and it was pulling them right out of the ground," said Chief Gillaugh.

The force of the storm hurled a pickup truck into the field.

Chief Gillaugh says a handful of houses were hit.

The Dobbins' family home was demolished.

"You could see the funnel and it was moving right straight for us," said Roger Dobbins.

"And it started to do the spin and then it got bigger and bigger and then it touched down," Shari Dobbins said.

The Dobbins say seven people were inside the home at the time.

Roger, his wife, his daughter, Shari, her friend, and her friend's three children, including Dalton and Garrett Smith.

"There was a little glass window down there and I looked thru and a tornado's coming. And as soon as I heard the tornado coming, my mom was like, 'quick quick,'" said 7 year old Dalton Smith.

"It sounded like a bunch of rocks and bricks fell down," said 9 year old Garrett Smith.

It was only after the storm that they realized the entire house had collapsed on top of them.

"We prayed down in the cellar and as long as everything is ok, everything else can be replaced and fixed and whatever else," Shari Dobbins said.