Child ID Info Critical For Police When Child Is Reported Missing


Law enforcers say child abductions are very time sensitive; often with a three hour window to get the child back safely.

This week alone in Central Ohio, 10TV reported at least two incidents:  a missing child and another child, five years old and abducted by her father who did not have custody.

In both cases, police were able to show photos of the missing children who were found safe. Law enforcers say when a child is missing up to date photos are critical.

"When a child goes missing you might not remember their height or weight right away you might not have pictures lying around right away,” said Officer Ryan Miller, Genoa Township Police Department.

Genoa Township police offer residents an identification system where a child's name, date of birth, address, height and weight are compiled onto what looks like a credit card.  There is a photo and fingerprint taken.

"If you tuck the card in with your credit cards you're going to be able to pull that out and have an automatic picture right there you'll be able to show law enforcement,” added Miller.

"Missing children, abducted children are very time sensitive investigations typically we in law enforcement see a three hour window to get that child back safely if they're abducted."

Former FBI Special Agent Harry Trombitas, who is now the Vice President of Security Operations for Ohio Health, says parents can make their own child ID kit at nominal cost and complete with a DNA swab.

Start with an index card or piece of paper.  Write your child's vital information:  name, age, height, weight, hair and eye color....also note any scars or birthmarks.   

Also take a photo and download it onto a flash drive. Finally, collect DNA from your child using a sterile cotton swab.

"You reach in very gently. You take the Qtip and rub between the gum and the cheek line.”

The swab needs to dry for two hours on plain white paper.  Once it is, seal it in a clean white envelope using tape and then tuck it along with the index card and current photo of your child into a manila envelope.