Child Diagnosed With Cancer On Birthday Triumphs Over Disease


Magi McCullough, 12, talked to WBNS-10TV just minutes before from having surgery. If she was worried, you would never have known it.

On Sept. 17, 2011, Magi's 11th birthday, she went to the hospital with a sore elbow. She left in a total state of confusion.

Magi thought it had to be a wrong diagnosis.

Reality sank into her heart when doctors surgically implanted a port in her chest.

“I've had to grow up really fast,” said Magi.

That's what happens, when, at the ripe age of 11, they tell you that you have cancer.

Magi now endures routine spinal taps and constant chemotherapy.

You might expect a girl playing an adult game of life would take her ball and go home but instead Magi stepped up to the plate  and launched “Change for Children's” and began collecting coins at school.  

“We got like, $300, $400? $400 dollars in change,” said Magi.

She donated all of it, every penny, to Nationwide Children's Hospital?

“It just seems like the right thing to do, because of what they've done for me. I guess I can give back,” said Magi.

Magi is facing at least another year of treatment.  But in a blank corner hangs an inconspicuous bell...the “Last Chemo Bell.”

“Everyone's just screaming, ‘The bell's chiming,’ and it's just awesome,” she said.

And today Magi isn't waiting for surgery, but waiting to ring that bell.

“That's my goal, to ring that bell,” she said.

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