Chief Recommends Firing Of Firefighter Under Investigation For Sex On The Job


10TV has learned of a major development in a months-long firehouse sex scandal involving the Columbus Division of Columbus's Fire Chief has recommended Firefighter Marc Cain be fired for having sex on the job.

This is the second to final stage of this ugly chapter for the Columbus Division of Fire.

In documents obtained by 10tv, Fire Chief Gregory Paxton finds Firefighter Marc Cain guilty of every accusation against him, and recommends terminating him from the Division.
Cain has been under investigation since last spring based on allegations that he carried on an 18 month extramarital affair with a young woman starting when she was 18.

The reason this private indiscretion became public was because most of it was alleged to have happened on public property- inside Fire Station 17 on the Hilltop, while Cain was on duty.

He was also accused of giving the woman security access codes to Station 17 so she could sneak in and out freely, and of giving her free reign to ride on Division medics and engines as they responded to emergency calls.
Wednesday for the first time, the results of Cain's hearing with Fire Chief Greg Paxton are being made public.

Paxton found Cain guilty of Dishonesty, Insubordination, and Failure of Good Behavior.

As a result, he recommended Cain be fired.

Based on that recommendation, Cain has been placed on Administrative Duty at Fire Division Headquarters.

Paxton's recommendation now goes to Columbus Safety Director Mitchell Brown, for a final ruling.

10TV has also reported on two additional investigations sparked by evidence the Cain case uncovered.

One focuses on whether a Battalion Chief had an inappropriate relationship with a female firefighter.

The other looks into allegations that a fellow firefighter sneaked women into Station 17 for sex.

Both of those investigations are ongoing.