Checks Stolen, Cashed From Lewis Center Businesses


Checks are being swiped from mailboxes and then cashed.

It's happening in area of Green Meadows Drive in Lewis Center.

Administrators at the Ohio Health Care Association say they thought some of their members weren't paying their bills on time, but that wasn’t the case.

“We got a call from one of our members, or an email from one of our members, they said they had sent us a check and then it came back to them and it had been signed by somebody else,” said Executive Director Peter Van Runkle.

Van Runkle said at first he thought it was a problem with the member's bank, but he says after a call to his agency's bank, he started looking to the mailbox.  

He said he found four checks mailed to the Ohio Health Care Association had been stolen, altered and cashed.

“They changed the payee who it was made out to and they also increased the amount. I think the check was $150 something like that and they changed it to $3,500,” Van Runkle said..

The Delaware County Sheriff's Office is investigating similar incidents at two other businesses in the area.  

Catapult Professional Imaging reported a business check was stolen late last month and cashed for $6,900, and just this week, the owner of the International Noodle Company reported a check intended for the company was cashed by someone else.

Van Runkle and other business owners in the area said they are taking precautions, including adding locks on their mailboxes.

Van Runkle said the agency has also notified members of the issue.

Delaware County detectives say they have a person of interest.

They encourage others who may have had checks stolen to file a report with them.  

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