Chase Involving Deputies Ends In Crash On West Side


A chase involving Franklin County Sheriff's deputies ended in a crash Friday morning.

The crash occurred at West Broad Street and Murray Hill Road, and it involved the suspect's SUV and a car carrying a mother and 12-year-old.

"They chased him back and forth like three or four times, going back and forth, back and forth,” said witness Joseph Closson.

Closson said he saw the SUV driven by the suspects lose control and hit the white Honda, carrying a mother and her son. He said the impact ejected the SUV's driver from his vehicle.

"He was nothing but blood,” said Closson.

Sheriff Zach Scott said the chase began after his office was called about a burglary in progress on Alkire Rd. just before 11:30 a.m.

Ronnie Lovejoy said a neighbor called to tell him burglars had broken into his property.

Lovejoy said he blocked the burglars SUV in with his vehicle to try to stop them, but they pushed back, forcing him to make one last effort.

“I opened the passenger door and tried to drag this guy out, and they're taking off 90 mph, and I fell down, and they got away,” said Lovejoy.

Sheriff's deputies caught up with them several minutes later on Broad Street.

Lovejoy said he is sorry to hear another vehicle was involved in the crash, but said the suspects got what they deserved.

"Young punks. just young punks, that's all they are. Just trying to get something for nothing,” added Lovejoy.

The male suspect that was ejected from the car was transported to Grant Medical Center in stable condition. There was also a female suspect who was riding in the vehicle that was being chased. She was taken to Mt. Carmel West Hospital in stable condition.

The mother and son were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The case is still under investigation and authorities said charges are pending.

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