Charity Back In Business Thanks To Kindness From Strangers

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Thieves put a Circleville charity in jeopardy, but thanks to the generosity of strangers, Hardesty Wood Pantry is back in business.

Hardesty is run by Mike Hardesty, his brother, and his wife, Connie.

"The biggest winter we had, we helped 130 families. last winter was pretty mild, and there was only," Connie said.

Mike and Connie are retired and said they carefully spend what little money they do have during the summer to stockpile wood for the winter.  They give all of the wood away at no cost.

Mike and Connie were worried their gift of giving was over just as the holiday season began, when someone broke into their shed, and stole their only four working chainsaws.

"And to take $2,000 dollars out of a budget that's already stretched beyond belief, and it took us four years to do that," Mike said.

Word of their loss spread quickly.

Within days, the spirit of giving came full circle.

Mike and Connie said people from all across Central Ohio offered them new chainsaws.

"That's just phenomenal because we have this huge wood that there's no way my husband can take an ax and chop up.  It has to be chainsaws," Connie said.

"It's incredible. I would not have believed that people can be so generous," said Mike.

Humbled by the outpouring of generosity, Mike and Connie are once again giving the gift of heat, one person at a time.

Now that they have chainsaws again, they are worried about fuel.

But Mike and Connie said their supply of wood looks good so far, and they are happy to be able to help where they can.