Charges Considered For Former Restaurant Employees Accused Of Taking Pictures Of Genitals On Food, Frozen Urine


Columbus attorneys are considering charges against two former Subway restaurant employees accused of taking pictures of themselves inappropriately handling food.

The Subway at Tuttle Crossing opened Tuesday after it closed on Monday so staff could clean and throw away all products.

Some said they had no idea why the store was closed.

"I think if I did, I wouldn't have had this,” said Courtney Beal, who purchased a sandwich there on Tuesday.

Beal said she did not know about pictures that were posted on a social media site.

One shows a man putting his genitals on what appears to be Subway bread dough, with the caption "I will be your sandwich artist today."

In another picture, someone is holding up a bottle with a caption saying they froze their urine at work.

They are actions considered part of several "critical violations" by Columbus Public Health.

"By far, the restaurant community does a fantastic job of keeping the facility safe, this type of situation is very unique, it doesn't happen very often.  If it did, it would be covered on a daily basis,” said Jose Rodriguez with Columbus Public Health.

Rodriguez said the agency has not seen anything like this before and is now consulting with the city attorney's office to see if the two employees violated any laws.

But they may have already violated the public's trust.

"You constantly think about something like that. You don't know what people are doing behind there. It'll make you go home and cook, like you should,” said Beal.

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