Central Ohioans Help Out With East Coast Recovery Efforts

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10TV’s Danielle Elias caught up with some central Ohio officials stationed in New Jersey to help out with Sandy recovery efforts.

All over the roads of New Jersey, emergency workers are helping people who faced the worst of Sandy’s wrath.

New Jersey resident Linda Bricker said that she is having a hard time getting gasoline.

“This is crazy,” Bricker said. “We need gas for the generator.’

Bricker said that she returned home on Tuesday to find a tree on her roof and eight large trees fallen across her yard.

“We could get into our driveway, but the power lines were down,” Bricker said.

Jack Reall, a Columbus Division of Fire firefighter and a member of Ohio Task Force One, said that crews are well into the recovery phase.

 “For us, it’s a certain amount of duty,” Reall said. “We have a responsibility. We train for this kind of stuff. We have the ability to make things better for those who’ve been impacted with the worst day of their life. And for us, that’s satisfying.”

Reall’s team has not yet been deployed but was waiting for the call to help.

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