Central Ohioans Brave Start Of Another Arctic Blast


Even just five or ten minutes of standing in the bitter cold is enough to lose the feeling in fingers and toes this week.

Some businesses are seeing a boost when the weather gets worse.

10TV spoke with Jimmy John's delivery drivers.  As with any night, those employees work hard to make the meal and deliver it fast.

When the temperature drops, there's an added stress to their job.

"We sometimes have to wait outside of buildings and we can be there for 5,10 minutes, sometimes. It's terrible. Especially if you're holding a drink or something, it really freezes over your hand, and pretty unbearable sometimes," said delivery driver, Ryan Welsh.

The delivery drivers in the Grandview Heights store tell 10TV they use their cars, but Mez Centes says he just finished eight hours on his bike delivering food from a different Jimmy John's.

"I've been working all day outdoors. And it's been really rough out here," said Centes.

After work, he stands in the cold while waiting on a bus.

Also outside, Columbus police officers. They move traffic along to allow Blue Jackets fans to get to and from the game swiftly.

"[We've] got to stay out here the whole time. Just try to stay warm and move around," said Officer Tom Yurkovich.

He says the key is to wear layers. "Long johns, couple jackets on, couple stocking caps."

7-year-old Hogan Mickey agrees. "I have a hat on, a pair of gloves, my hood on and a coat on."

Nothing is holding back Hogan and his father from the game.

As Columbus Blue Jackets fan Tom Schmitz put it: "this is what hockey was invented for. Nights like tonight."

Temperatures fell to seven degrees Tuesday night. The wind chill dropped to negative two degrees.