Central Ohioans Brace For More Flooding

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People in Ross and Pickaway County said they were worried about floods after Thursday's storms.

Water, water and more water expected.  The creeks are already rushing in Pickaway County.

"It would be about a foot deep,"  said Bruce Stemire.

Thursday evening, the water was lapping at the edge of a small, precarious bridge.  It's the only road to Stemire's home.

"This is a spring thaw. It's just normal. We're used to it,"  said Stemire.

Used to it, but Stemire doesn't necessarily trust it.  He's waiting to shuttle his wife across so her car doesn't get stuck in high water.

Some neighbors are now connected by ponds instead of yards.

"Absolutely that's what happens,"  said Steve Sharp.

There's normally a dry creek where Sharp hits golf balls.

"It does drain away into the creek and there's a little feeder creek down this way, but it's just a lot of water,"  Sharp said.

They're bracing for even more.

"There's gonna be high winds and rains, we've seen it before and we're just going to deal with it like everybody else does, we'll be on guard,"  Sharp said.

Ross and Pickaway Counties were under a flash flood watch Thursday night.