Central Ohioans Beat The Heat


Central Ohioans had to endure yet another hot and humid day Thursday as the heat wave showed no signs of weakening.

Thursday was the fifth consecutive day in Columbus with temperatures at or above 90 degrees.

City officials did their part to try to keep residents cool by opening four fire hydrants in area neighborhoods.

Firefighters opened the hydrants at Beatty Recreation Center, Driving Park, Linden Park and Westgate Park.

They will be back open in the same locations Friday afternoon from 1-4 p.m.

”It’s really fun. It is refreshing and stuff because it’s really hot,” said Joseph Sarvino, a Hilltop resident enjoying the water hydrant at Westgate Park.

People who had to work in the heat were doing all they could to stay cool. Plant workers at Fortin Ironworks in Grandview were welding iron in a factory without air conditioning. They said room temperatures at times pushed 100 degrees.

”If you’re in front of a fan and sweating a little bit, it feels a little cooler so everybody’s got a fan,” said Fortin Ironworks co-owner John Fortin. “But you can’t weld with a fan on you because it messes up your weld.”

With sports camps and pre-season practices in full swing across central Ohio, athletes were also doing what they could to stay safe in the heat.

Sports medicine doctors say that if athletes have been spending most of the summer indoors, it can be difficult for their bodies to adjust to the heat and humidity.
They say it is important to start off with a good foundation of solid nutrition and hydration along with plenty of sleep to support physical activity.
They also say to pay close attention to how your body responds to the conditions.

”You want to make sure you’re monitoring your body weight, making sure that if before practice you weighed a certain amount and after practice you weighed two pounds lighter, you need to be replacing that with a good fluid intake and making sure you monitor your body weight throughout the week,” said Dr. Jason Dapore, a sports medicine physician with Ohio Health.

Stay with the Doppler 10 team for the latest on the heat-related weather alerts in effect across central Ohio.