Central Ohio Sheriff Faces Twitter Troubles

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One central Ohio sheriff is facing Twitter troubles, and they’re not about something he tweeted
Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen says someone set up a phony page claiming to be him.

"We are going to do everything in our power to make sure that this site is taken down," Phalen said.

At first glance, the fake Twitter account called “Sheriff Department” looks real. It has Lancaster, Ohio, as its origin, but gives an Amanda, Ohio, zip code.

"They had an image of a made-up sheriff's badge that said Fairfield County Sheriff's Office," says Kelly Robberts, who handles the Sheriff's social media engagement with residents.

The author of the fake account has even re-Tweeted 10TV News articles and a profanity-filled message.

But the sheriff says his biggest concern is for residents who send crime tips using social media.  

"When they think they're communicating with the sheriff's office and they're communicating with someone else, that information could be compromised and it could put people in danger," said Phalen.

The sheriff says his real Twitter account, @sheriff2300, has the correct zip code for the sheriff's office

"On our Twitter account, there's actual video of the sheriff, there's photos from the sheriff's office," says Robberts.

The sheriff's office says they've tried to reach out to the author of the fake page but haven't received a response.
"We have tried handling this nicely. We have sent them a message or a tweet directly asking them to remove this account and at this point they have not responded," says Robberts.

Investigators say they initially stumbled onto the page after receiving complaints about another Twitter page.

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