Central Ohio Residents Report Confusion Between Police Scam and Legitimate Fundraiser

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What police thought was a scam may be a legitimate fundraiser by a police organization.

The phone rang a couple weeks ago in Janet Elsinger's Dublin home. On the other line, a man who said he was a police officer.

"He was asking me for a donation," said Elsinger.

He said he was from an organization called Cops For Kids and explained the cause.

"What we normally do is give teddy bears to kids if their parents are involved in some type of traffic mishap," said Elsinger. "I said, well how much is this going to cost me? And he said seven dollars and 50 cents. I said okay, I guess I can spare that."

But Elsinger wasn't convinced. She asked for more information.

"I get an envelope in the mail asking me for my $7.50 donation and a lot of alarms went off," said Elsinger, who had just watched a previous story on 10TV about a Westerville man who had gotten a similar call.

He reported it to police who were concerned someone was using their name to scam people out of money.

Two others reported the same thing, but it turns out, it may be confusion over a name.

Westerville has a program called Cops And Kids Day and they don't solicit funds.

10TV discovered the organization making calls for money is Cops For Kids.

The co-founder says their solicitation calls are for real but it's uncertain if all of the calls reported were from their organization.