Central Ohio Police Force Adds Patrols In Response To Crime Trend

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A Central Ohio police force added extra patrols after a crime trend surfaced.

Officers in cruisers and on foot canvassed neighborhoods in Marble Cliff Friday night.

They say thieves are looking for easy targets like vehicles that are unlocked.

The criminals target things they can grab easily and get away with, like change and GPS's.  

Now police want to prevent others from becoming victims.

Officer Zac Scurlock of the Grandview Heights Police Department hit the streets of Marble Cliff, something he has done a little more of these days.

"Doing a lot more foot patrols.  It's a lot easier to see what's going on in the community when you're out on foot," said  Scurlock.

Grandview Heights police hope to put a stop to some recent break-ins into vehicles and homes over the last week.

"Trying to get out there within a time frame when we think it's happening because a lot of the reports are coming in on first shift so we're assuming it's happening late at night," Spurlock said.

Some victims said although the stolen items did not have a whole lot of value, it is still unsettling.

They said they are being extra caution, making sure valuable are out of their cars and all their doors are locked.

It is good information that police also passed on to the Marble Cliff Blockwatch, hoping that residents who are well-informed will be well-protected against criminals.

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