Central Ohio Police Chief Under Investigation After Bar Incident


Chillicothe police chief Roger Moore remains on the job despite a mayoral investigation into his conduct at a local bar.

Mayor Jack Everson says the chief was off-duty at the Cozy Inn Bar early Saturday morning when he got into an argument with another patron.

"If there's some wrongdoing, we'll react appropriately," Mayor Everson told 10TV's Jason Frazer.

The mayor says he launched his own investigation after learning about an altercation.

According to Everson, the chief was caught on cellphone video saying "Don't you ever (expletive) touch me. Don't you ever put your hands on me again."

"I was dismayed at the language used. Naturally, I don't expect that out of my department heads especially the police chief," Everson said.

Two witnesses called Chillicothe Police shortly after the argument began.

One caller told the 911 dispatcher, "You got your chief of police down here man about to get into a fist fight with somebody."

A third call was made from a person who identified himself as a former member of the sheriff's department.  " I just got 3 phone calls and people told me Roger was up at Cozy trying to fight, you know, his shirt off and they said they got pictures of him, they got him on camera.  So if you guys can get him before somebody gets anything on him or does something."

The Mayor says he's interviewed several people about the altercation including Moore. It's still unknown what led up to the altercation.
"What this is coming down to is a verbal altercation. There is no violence. There was no contact," Everson told 10TV. "The key message here is don't rush to judgment until we conclude the investigation."

The Chief declined comment through a spokesperson.

The Mayor says he hopes to have his investigation completed by the end of this week.

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