Central Ohio Mother Bullied Online About Halloween Costume Picture

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A Central Ohio Mother's essay about her own experience with cyber bullying is getting attention from around the world.

Caitlin Seida says she wasn't embarrassed about the photo of her dressed like video game star, Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider games and movies.

"It was fun," Seida said.

Seida posted the picture of herself on her facebook page. She says her privacy policy changed and her picture was ripped off.

"A friend let me know it was on a rather well known facebook page," she said. "You're internet famous."

Caitlin found the picture on what she calls humor sites. Someone put the caption 'fridge raider' on the photo. Other people shared it to their personal pages.

She read all comments under the image.

One comment said 'it's Jabba the croft.' Another said 'you can never laugh enough at a fat girl stuffed in an inappropriate costume.'

"I am a bigger woman, but that doesn't give people the right to tell you, you don't deserve to live." Seida said.

Seida, a mother and writer, called her friend, Terri Jean, for advice.

"Wait until you can process this and write about it," Jean told her.

Caitlin did wage her own war of words. She wrote an editorial for the website salon.com.   Just like her so called embarrassing picture, her response to internet cruelty went viral.

Caitlin has heard from people all over the world congratulating her for taking on the cyber bullies who hide behind their computers.

"I'm very proud of her," Jean said.

"Telling everyone my story, speaking out for everyone who's had this happen to them," Seida said.

She wrote the article to be a good role model for her daughter.

Since the article posted online Wednesday, Seida has given interviews to yahoo and radio Ireland.

She hopes people learn that there is always a human heart and mind behind every photo they see.

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