Central Ohio Man Designs Bulletproof School Desk

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A central Ohio man has invented a bulletproof desk for children to use in the classroom.

Marion resident Dave Hollenbach and graphic artist believes he has the first patent pending on a bulletproof desk.

The desk is adjustable by height as a child grows, and Hollenbach said it provides full cover all the way around.

Hollenbach’s model can be built on an existing desk.

The key to his design are spring-assisted hinges, which keep the desk lightweight enough for kids to open and allows bigger desks or work tables to double as a bunker if a violent intruder gets in the room.

“You can stack kids behind it,” Hollenbach said. “They can all run and take shelter behind it.”

Hollenbach made the desk in his garage, fortifying it with anti-ballistic armor panels made out of heavy-duty fiberglass.

Hollenbach tested the desk by firing shots at it from a handgun and an assault rifle.

The desk withstood nearly 30 rounds from the guns.

“Nothing actually went all the way through the panel,” Hollenbach said.

He said any school shooting disturbs him, but the Sandy Hook shooting sprang him into action.

“You don’t get any more motivated than that to try and find an answer,” said Hollenbach.

He plans to sell the desks between $600 and $700 to parents -- not schools -- so each child can keep their same desk from year to year.

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