Central Ohio Dancers Raise Money For Bombing Victims


Central Ohio Irish dancers show their passion every time they step out onto the dance floor. It's a passion that extends beyond competition.

Saturday, their passion was about helping one of their own.

"Our Irish dance community is like a big family," said Muireann Ni Chiara of the Millenium Academy of Irish Dance. "So when anything happens to someone from our community, we like to come together to support each other. Jane Richard is a little Irish dancer in Dorchester up in Boston."

Seven-year-old Jane Richard was severely injured, losing her leg in the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing. Her 8-year-old brother Martin was killed and her mother was critically injured.

Hundreds gathered for the annual Irish Dance competition Saturday at the Veterans Memorial in Columbus. All proceeds from the popular lunchtime Treble Reel Special dance will be donated to the Richard family in Massachusetts.

Isabella Spencer and dozens of others wrote special messages of encouragement for Jane.

"I said 'keep strong during your recovery,'" she said.

"I know how it would be if someone in our dance school, that happened to them, so I feel really bad," said Kiley Brennan.