Central Ohio Community Dealing With Flu Vaccine Shortage

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A recent run on flu vaccines is affecting an important demographic.

According to the Knox County Health Department, nasal mist flu vaccines are running low at the department.

“We’ve never been this low before,” said Nurse Karen Lee with the county health department.

Lee said that she and her staff have given 200 nasal and injectable doses this week alone.

She said the nasal mist is the preferred choice among parents, but because the demand is so high and the supply is so low, they can only give out so many.

Officials were encouraging parents to call ahead for the vaccines.

“We would like people to call ahead, so that we don’t have 200 people and have to send 100 of them home without vaccines,” said DR. Deborah Cowden with the department.

Health department officials told 10TV News that they no longer can administer the adult vaccine because supply is just too low, so they are referring patients to call the Knox County Community Hospital.

The hospital said that their doses are adequate.

Several pharmacies in the area said that they are running low, too.

The Ohio Department of Health said that 10,000 doses are currently available to health departments, and that physicians are armed and ready to help patients fight the flu.

“For flu, you’ll see muscle aches, fever, feeling very tired,” Cowden said. “We would really like to see you, not just at the health department, but all physicians would like to see their patients within the first two days on onset.”

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