Central Ohio Cities Ready Salt Supplies Ahead Of Winter Storms

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Most people in central Ohio are still enjoying the warm days of summer

Brenda Mason and her friends are enjoying a nice walk through Goodale Park.  But she knows the nice weather will soon change.  "It will probably be just like last year, we'll have to prepare for it."

That is exactly what many city and county officials are already doing - trying to re-stock salt supplies after last year's brutal winter.

But ODOT spokesman Steve Faulkner says that may not be so easy.  "This year the issue we are is that prices are so high, some communities can't even afford to purchase it."

Salt prices for cities and townships purchasing over the summer have nearly doubled since last year, and for those cities that have waited, the price will be even higher.

Right now, Worthington has about 1,800 tons of salt, which would normally supply them for an average winter.   But last year, they used over 3000 tons.

The city of Reynoldsburg still needs about 1,500 more tons of salt, but suppliers can only promise them about 184 tons.

The city of Whitehall managed to get a head start on their salt stockpiles, buying a big shipment in July, saving about $25,000 in the early purchase.

But city officials say they only have half of what they need for the season.

For communities that find they are running short, the Ohio Department of Transportation says they will do what they can to help.  "ODOT is not the state salt supplier, but what we do is work with local communities to make sure they have what the need and can they get it at a price they can afford,” says Faulkner.