Cedarville Residents Reflect On Last Week's Destructive Tornado

Cedarville Residents Reflect On Last Week's Destructive Tornado

Damage Reported In Around Central Ohio As Suspected Tornadoes Touch Down

Cedarville Residents Reflect On Last Week's Destructive Tornado

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One week after a devastating tornado ripped through nine miles of Greene County, residents are still picking up the pieces.

"There's a lot of faith in our family,” said tornado survivor Roger Dobbins.

Dobbins’ property looks vastly different since an EF-3 tornado tore through the area last Wednesday.

Gone is the house where he and his wife lived since 1969.

Also gone is the house they called home for their first four years of marriage and where his daughter had been living when the storm hit.

"The prayers are what get you through this,” Dobbins said. “It's prayers that protected us. There's no question about that."

10TV was in Cedarville last week when Dobbins was digging through the rubble and found his shoes.

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“There's the pair of shoes I wanted!” he shouted at the time. “Now I can go to church on Sunday!”

Dobbins says he wore them this past Sunday and told his church how God had taken care of his family.

"I told them in church Sunday that there's a song I love that goes, 'God is good. God is good',” he said.

Dobbins also credits the community for helping his family to keep going.

He says more than one hundred people showed up on Saturday to help clean up the mess on his property.

"It's quite rewarding,” Dobbins said. “I knew some of them. Some of them I didn't know."

Despite the fact his barns and equipment are damaged, Dobbins says his plan is to rebuild and keep farming like he always has.

He is just waiting for word from his insurance to see how much of the damage costs will be covered.

"We will build a home and stay here. It's my home,” he said. "Life goes on."