CCS Transportation Supervisor Disciplined Following Gambling Investigation


10TV has learned that Evelyn Burge-Dehl, Transportation Supervisor with Columbus City Schools, has been disciplined following an internal investigation into on-the-job gambling.

Five other Transportation Department administrators have been exonerated.

Hearing disposition documents, obtained by 10TV, reveal that the district found Burge-Dehl admitted she was aware that instant scratch-off tickets would be sold as a fundraiser.  The documents go on to say that Burge-Dehl stated she held money from ticket sales from time to time and also stored money in a district safe.

Six transportation administrators were assigned to home last month after being suspended as part of the gambling investigation.

A district bus driver was removed from her job for her own safety after she blew the whistle on workplace gambling.

Drivers sold scratch-off instant-lottery cards to other drivers for one dollar per-card to raise money for T-shirts.

However, Burge-Dehl was not found to have been involved with handling cash in what was called a “Bus Compound Store.”  The hearing found the sale of the items were handled by the drivers and used for the benefit of the drivers and determined Burge-Dehl did not operate the store or collect funds.