Cases Of Abandoned Pets On The Rise


Humane agents say they're dealing with more cases of people leaving their pets behind when they move out.

In some cases, people leave them in foreclosed homes, locked up and forgotten..

One look inside a house Hardin County home and it's clear that no one has lived here in quite some time.

There is clusters of dirt and cat hair bunched up on the floor, trash and clothes strewn across several rooms.

"The report was that there was 5 or 6 very young kittens and the mother, passed had away," said Steffen Baldwin, the president of Animal Cruelty Task Force of Ohio.

Pictures, taken by a locksmith at the house earlier today, show just how small those kittens were...

"As an animal lover, you want to rush to action, but as someone who has the responsibility to enforce law and to also respect the constitution and property rights, you got to go about it the right way," said Baldwin.

With approval from the bank, Baldwin was allowed to search the home for kittens.

"A lot of these abandoned homes have a lot of empty or open holes where animals can get in and out, which is actually good for them. It increases their chance of survival."

Baldwin didn't find any of the kittens inside this house in Hardin County, but animal experts from Fairfield County say they rescued more than a dozen cats and dogs from two vacant homes earlier this week.

The neglected animals are now in the hands of the Humane Society.

Police say they came from empty homes without any food or water.

"Who knows how many fleas and ticks and the feces build-up and whatever kind of infections were festering inside the homes," Baldwin said.

Back in Hardin County, Baldwin removed the deceased mother cat from inside the home.