Case Involving Woman, 2-Year-Old Nephew's Deaths Still Haunts Investigators


Of the 600 unsolved slayings in the Columbus police archives, detectives never say one case is more important to the other, but a 1980 case has special interest on the force.

The bodies of Lynn Vest and her 2-year-old nephew, Jeremy Pickens, were found wrapped in a sheet and carefully placed in the trunk of her Ford Mustang.  Fingerprints were wiped clean from the vehicle, CrimeTracker 10's Jeff Hogan reported.

Vest, 23, was a daughter of a Columbus police detective.

"She would have been able to maybe sense a danger, more so than the average person out on the street," said Columbus police Detective Russ Redman.

Redman said that Vest's likely familiarity with her attacker likely led to the slayings.  Police said that Vest was strangled and Jeremy was suffocated.

"I don't know what kind of person it would take to do that to a small child," Redman said.

Vest was babysitting Jeremy that November day in 1980.  The pair left to run some errands, hours before their bodies were discovered.

Police believe that Vest's car was dumped at an east side parking lot to throw off investigators.  They also believed that the case revolves around Jeremy.

"Statistically, somebody that knows you, kills you," Redman said.  "I think that (Jeremy) was murdered just because of the potential of him to be able to identify the assailant."

DNA has been developed from the case using modern methods but no known contributors have surfaced, Hogan reported.

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