Cars Damaged By Rocks Thrown At Night

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A shock to drivers in Grove City after several cars are getting pegged with rocks after the sun goes down. 
It's happening on Gantz Road near Home Road.
"It was so fast. You couldn't turn to even see who did it," said Pavonda Jones.
It was 12:30 Tuesday morning. Jones and her daughter were coming back from the store.
"We was like, oh my god, somebody just shot at us. It was really, really scary," said Jones.
The back window just burst.
"When it shattered it, the glass came down the back of her shirt," Jones said.
A quick check and the two realized it wasn't a bullet. The police report says rocks. Jones was driving a rental car because hers was in the shop after an accident.
"Now I have to pay a $500 deductible," said Jones.
Another person paying up is Ty Luft.
"That's over a $500 piece of glass. That's nonsense, that's crazy man. I don't have money like that to just shell out for something," Luft said.
He was hit at three in the morning on his way to work.
"I saw a big spider on the windshield and I thought, somebody hit my car with a rock," said Luft.
Luft turned the car around to find who threw it, but then had second thoughts.
"I got kind of scared thinking maybe there was somebody waiting on me to ambush me," said Luft. 
Luft got to his job and found a co-worker had been hit also. Police say it happened to at least four people in the early hours Tuesday and they haven't caught who's doing it.
"I'm afraid to fix it because I don't necessarily know if they're still out there. What's to say that I'll put 500 in it and boom, it will happen again," said Luft.
Grove City Police say they are concerned about this and are seriously looking for who's responsible.