Caregiver Accused Of Stealing Identity, Money From 77-Year-Old Woman

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WESTERVILLE - Police say a woman gained a senior citizen's trust, then stole her credit card to pay her bills.

The victim in the case tells 10TV the stress of the crime is taking a toll on her physical health.

Parkside Village Senior Living in Westerville fired the caregiver, Sharmeka Logan, 29, after police notified them of the crime.

Police say the victim always had possession of her card, but they caught the crimes another way.  

Police say the person who manages the woman's finances noticed something didn't look right.

Officers say it pays to keep an eye out.

"Anything that's there, that could be found. There's an opportunity there for it to be exploited," said Westerville Police Sergeant Brian Spoon.

In the case of a 77-year-old woman, who lives in the Westerville senior living complex, it was her credit card that was exploited. Police say it was one of her caregivers, who gained access.

"From those friendships can be built trust. Unfortunately sometimes the trust can be a little misplaced and it's hard to know that until something bad happens, and that's what happened in this case," said Sgt. Spoon.

A Westerville police report shows at least five fraudulent charges totaling nearly $800, over a month's time.

"She paid her own utility bill in her name, with the credit card in someone else's name," said Sgt. Spoon.

Police say Logan got ahold of the woman's bank account, not by stealing her physical credit card, but by writing down the numbers from both the front and the back of the card, and then leaving that card, in her home.

"You don't expect that someone you have this relationship with, is going to look down at the card and start copying it, and take the codes, and put it away, because oh, my card's still here. No one took my things. Well, they took your identifying information and that's a felony," said Sgt. Spoon.

According to the report, Logan denied the allegations at first, but later admitted to it, saying she was, "in a bind, with her gas and electric being cut off."

Logan faces felony charges of theft and misuse of credit card.

"It's nothing we ever want to see and it's something we very work hard to get to the bottom of, as the officer did in this case," said Sgt. Spoon.

10TV reached out to contact the suspect, Logan, but she declined comment.

Management for Parkside Village released the following statement:

"On behalf of Parkside Village and Brookwood Management there was a situation that was brought to our attention, we take the safety of our residents very seriously.  We immediately notified the Westerville Police Department and they assisted us with the investigation which resulted in the arrest and termination of an employee.  We have a zero tolerance policy when a situation affects the safety of our residents."

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