Car Crashes Into Power Lines, Vehicles In East Columbus


A car crashed through an east Columbus neighborhood early Tuesday morning, knocking down power lines and crashing into cars.

10TV spoke with the driver involved in this crash, who says she got off of her third shift job and as she was driving home. She says she fell asleep, leaving a plethora of damage in her wake at the intersection of Scottwood and Picard Roads.

No one was injured in the crash, despite the accident occurring just feet from a school.

Rob Moore’s truck was unfortunate enough to get stuck in the crash.  “Once I came out, I noticed trash cans was everywhere, knocked all over the place, and when I looked up, I saw (my truck was damaged).”

Moore says speed is a continuing problem on the street.  “It’s like the Indy 500,” he says, adding that drivers usually travel around 50 or 60 MPH despite the 25 MPH limit.

Neighbor Saudai Payne says she woke up this morning to a big boom.  “At first I thought it was some kids getting hit because these people ride down this street so fast.”  Payne says she fear more children getting hit by cars after a child was killed several years ago on the same street.

Officials tell 10TV charges may be pending for the driver.