Canine Companions


Canine Companions for Independence® pairs highly trained assistance dogs with those who have disabilities other than blindness – including men, women, children and veterans to help increase independence.  Canine Companions is a national non-profit organization located in your Central Ohio community –matching assistance dogs with people who have a disability at no cost to the recipient. 

After 14 months with a volunteer puppy raiser, who teaches the dogs basic obedience, the dogs are returned to Canine Companions for professional training. The dogs attend a six to nine month training course with professional instructors at the training center located in Delaware, Ohio.  Assistance dogs from Canine Companions are trained to complete a variety of tasks from turning on and off light switches to picking up dropped items, such as keys. 

Canine Companions has a comprehensive follow-up program to ensure the ongoing success of its recipient and assistance dog teams.  In addition, Canine Companions instructors remain in close contact with all recipients through emails, phone conversations and in person visits.

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