Candy King Of German Village Creates Fudge Featured In National Magazine

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When Tim Dick puts his copper kettle on an open flame, he’s a man on a mission. He hand mixes sugar, Belgian chocolate, butter, and cream.

Tim creates fudge so good that it was recently ranked fourth in the nation by the Cooking with Paula Dean magazine.

That might explain why his German Village Fudge Haus is busier than usual.

It’s already been a hectic holiday season, but Tim isn’t fazed. Even the writing on his apron states “There’s no stress that can’t be handled with a prayer and chocolate.”

“I know there's going to be ‘Mmms’ and all the wonderful things that come about in a chocolate store,” said Tim.

His partner, Michael Dickinson, says time is one of the big ingredients in Tim’s recipe for success.

Tim brings every batch to boil and then spread it onto a marble slab for the cool down.

He even allowed 10TV’s Kristyn Hartman to get into the act, pulling the bars that hold the fudge into place. Then they salted it, which was followed by the creaming process.

The paddling then puts air into the fudge. It all makes for quite a workout.

But when you are with Tim, you forget you are working.

He wants you to love it as much as he loved the sweet idea his mom put into his head years ago.

“My mother bought me Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory book, and I remember reading it, and reading it, and I really enjoyed it.”

It was her gift to him, and now Tim gives his gift to the masses. He creates 15 to 19 different fudge flavors.

“Tim is a gem, gem of the community and the neighborhood,” said Geoffrey Schmidt.

The return visits keep Tim coming back to the kitchen.

“I couldn't feel any more accomplished that, other than the people coming in with smiles and hugging, and strangers who become friends
walking out,” said Tim.

Tim still wants to perfect chocolate mint fudge, but that will have to wait.For the holidays, he’s working seven days a week making fudge,
filling orders and shipping them.

All that, while giving hugs and passing out samples to Fudge Haus walk-in customers.