Canal Winchester Homeowner Tracks Down Burglar Who Took Package Off Porch


A homeowner says he caught a brazen burglar in the act. The man was stealing a package right off a front porch.

Not only did the homeowner spot him, but he also chased him down in his car.

Jay Long was the victim of crime five years ago, and he said would not be a victim again. That’s when he put up ten cameras to cover his Canal Winchester home.

"I know what's going on around my property at all times,” said Long.

On Monday afternoon, he was expecting two package deliveries. From his phone, he saw both had arrived on his front porch.

But later in the day, he saw one of the packages was gone.

Then, one of Long’s cameras caught a man riding a bike right up the driveway. Another camera showed him ringing the doorbell twice.
When no one answered, the suspect grabbed the package, making his getaway in less than 30 seconds. At that same time, Long just happened to be across the street ready to pull into his driveway. He saw the biker and began chasing him while calling 911.

"As he was trying to pass me, I actually knocked him off his bike with my car door,” says Long. "He was completely surprised someone responded that quickly to his theft."

The thief rode off but left the package. Long is thankful for that but worried what this man may do next.

"Somebody knows this guy, and if he's stealing this package, what else is he stealing?"

Madison Township Police are investigating and say this appears to be an isolated crime.

If you happen to know anything about this attempted burglary, call the Madison Township Police Department at 614-836-5354.