Campaigning Increases Both For & Against Columbus School Issues

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Groups that are opposed to Issues 50 and 51 have stepped up their efforts to encourage voters to vote no.

Issue 50 is a levy for Columbus schools. Issue 51 would create the position of independent auditor of the school district, an office that would be paid for by Issue 50.  

The group “Citizens to Vote NO on Issues 50 and 51” says they are concerned about raising property taxes to generate funds to the same leaders who were in place during the data rigging scandal. The scandal remains under investigation.

They also say that now that the district has announced it is in good fiscal shape until 2016, they do not understand why the district is asking for more money.

Interim superintendent Dr. Dan Good addressed the issues with 10TV on Monday.

“We know for certain that it will add more early learning opportunities for our preschoolers. It will add technologies that are needed so we can take those online tests that the state requires," said Good.

The money will also bring facilities up to speed and increase more A-B high performance schools, according to Good.

“Citizens to Vote NO on issues 50 & 51” represent some who have traditionally supported Columbus City Schools.

18 ministers in the African American community announced their support for the levy and bond issues. The group will support the district as the results come in Tuesday evening at a watch party at the Hilton in downtown Columbus.

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